SGI Omnichannel, Omnichannel Strategy Software

Omnichannel Software integrated into SAP

The SGI Omnichannel Solution, integrated in SAP Business One, allows small and medium-sized companies to adopt omnichannel strategies: such as selling in marketplaces and e-commerce, managing carriers, management of external warehouses and store chains.

This retail solution allows you to adopt omnichannel strategies, as it is integrated with:

  • Management of online commerce. (Magento, Prestashop and Shopify).
  • With logistics warehouses such as RMT Logistics and Logisfashion.
  • With Carrier Agencies (such as SEUR, DHL, Express Post, GLS, etc.)
  • With Marketplace platforms.
  • With Points of Sale.
El Software de Omnicanalidad integrado en SAP

SGI Omnichannel integrates with different marketplaces:

*For other marketplaces, ask for.

What is the Omnichannel?

Omnichannel consists in creating a valuable relationship and/or experience between a brand or company and a customer, through the different communication channels available: email, website, physical store, etc.

Using omnichannel strategies allows retailers to obtain quality information about their customers and thus maximize their sales.

The adoption of the Omnichannel allows to expand the market of action: betting on the digital world and the physical store. Online commerce and marketplaces become an opportunity to broaden horizons and present new business opportunities. Having a physical store linked to an ecommerce increases the sales of the sector, one depends and complements the other.

Benefits of the Omnichannel Software

  • Increase sales and access global markets offered by marketplaces.

  • Saves time in managing multi-channel e-commerce.
  • Avoid orders and pending sales.
  • Information and prices according to all channels.

  • Display of all orders on the same screen.

  • Improve the visibility of your products on the Internet.

  • Centralize all orders placed in Marketplaces.

  • Centralized control of the stock.

  • Bug viewer with problems in uploading products on Marketplace.

  • Analyze performance as one more SAP or SGI retail sale.

  • Customize product information for each Marketplace.

  • Customize product information for each Marketplace.

Features of the Omnichannel Software

  • Automatic synchronization of stock across all channels from SAP Business One.

  • Automation of order processing across all available channels.

  • Management of logistics by the seller or by the Marketplace.

  • Payment methods linked to options defined in SAP Business One.

  • Integration of the Marketplace order into SAP Business One as a SGI Retail ticket.

  • Complete order traceability from SAP.

  • Assigning categories in the products, to select what you want to sell and in which country of each Marketplace.

  • Configuration from SAP of the attributes selectable in the Marketplace to filter.

  • The information is exported with templates that the Marketplace manages. They are inserted once to manage the different properties and are already saved for future synchronizations.

  • Automation of the sale of products without stock, which have been supplied again.

  • Updating the information of mass products and in multiple marketplaces.

  • Notification of shipments so that the buyer can track the delivery.

  • Creation of temporary customers when making purchases in the Marketplace, with the possibility of creating an SAP client.

The Omnichannel Solution, SGI Omnichannel, is integrated:

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