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Global Software Partner (GSP) is a company specializes in Management Software with more than 25 years in the sector and with an extensive experience with implementations in SAP Business One.

In GSP work to provide the best Technological Solutions at the business of our clients and can satisfy their needs in management. Our SGI Solutions are developed above the SAP HANA platform and they allow to obtain a more return.

Some Solutions are: Apparel and Footwear, POS, Retail, Distribution, Business Intelligence, B2B, B2C and Logistic. More than 400 clients and implementations in Spain, Mexic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.


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Our SAP success stories, listen the opinion of our clients

Entema Laboratory

“We have a tool that we promise to claim the strengthening of Entema in our Farma sector. As well as, SAP permits us to grow in the future and it contributes confidence and security.”

Martí Ayats. Manager.


“The implementation of SAP Business One with SGI MODA permits us to make an integral change in our management system, SAP permits us to access to the information quickly, flexibility and accuracy. For its clarity, its vertical SGI MODA and its confidence with GSP, we bet for SAP and SGI MODA.”

Josep Mª Nualart. IT Director.


“Between the elements that were decided at time to bet for the platform, SAP, we highlight its ease management, its economy and financial solvency of our supplier and the easier to migrate to newer versions.”

Luís Jiménez. Financial Director.

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